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Credit card annual fees in comparison

Credit card is a worldwide payment instrument that also works globally, including online shopping. Credit card as a payment instrument has not spread by accident. Often, you see, the credit card offers many benefits that other payment methods do not offer. These include, for example, purchase and product security and travel insurance. However, credit cards Read More

It’s a good idea to shorten your credit card bill

You can pay your credit card bill in several installments or at once. Essentially related to a credit card are interest-free payment periods, extra repayments, and a free month. Their effects on personal finances can be unpredictable, both positively and negatively. Do you pay your credit card bill wisely? A credit card can be a Read More

Business Loans | Borrow Money for a New Business

When starting your own business, it is a good idea for a startup entrepreneur to carefully weigh their skills and goals for their business and the type of business that suits them. Initially, an entrepreneur should carefully anticipate the adequacy of his or her cash resources, even for bad days. Up to half of start-ups Read More

Travel Insurance Credit Card Free

When applying for a credit card, it is also good to consider your own travel patterns, as credit cards offer many benefits to the traveler. For example, many people get separate travel insurance from an insurance company, even though their own credit card may include a comprehensive insurance: travel insurance can be found on more Read More

AUME credit card information

  Would you like to buy a credit card because it is subject to high monthly fees and interest? And what if we tell you that there is a credit card with a long interest-free period and no fees? Just such a credit card is brought to you by the modern AUME bank, which is Read More

Credit Information What is Credit Information?

Getting a loan or credit card is almost always conditional on sound credit history. What is credit history and how do you know if it is correct? In this guide, we’ll tell you how credit information works, how credit information can be lost, and what can be affected by a default. What is Credit Information? Read More

Credit recovery after bailout

The first record of default shall always be given in the form of a letter stating the debt, the creditor and the date on which it ends. Entries resulting from invoices, debts and collection appear in the records for 2 to 4 years. It is always worthwhile to safeguard your own economy by maintaining a Read More

How to finance my business? .

  Here are the 5 phases in question 01. The phase of creation and development of the product (pre-marketing): It includes all the expenses related to the start-up and testing that we do to develop products that a pool of customers will be willing to pay to consume. During this period, sales are zero and Read More